I am Jariver and my Chinese name is 江嗣嘉. I was born in Wuyishan that is a very beautiful city in Fujian province. But now I am studying computer science and software engineering in Fuzhou University. Believe me, I am a programming enthusiast and I want to write the code to change the world!

I'm bound to say that I'm addicted to the ACG of Japanese, which is perfect so that I will have a terrific time when I watch animation. I like Guilty Crown and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun a lot lot. So, I often watch some video in Bilibili.

Of cause, I enjoy playing basketball and watching NBA. My basketball idol is Gilbert Arenas who is a zero, is also a hero. His Nickname is AgentZero, and he got 60 points against Kobe Bryant. But now, he has been retired for several years. However, he is always my hero.

At last, Look at following code.
MyPerfectLife myPerfectLife = new MyPerfectLife(code, coffee, music);